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Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator(TCXO)

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Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator(TCXO)

RTx Technology offers standard and custom temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs).TCXOs offer excellent temperature characteristics with low power consumption and fast warm-up. TCXOs use special electronics to stabilize the output frequency as temperature changes.

TCXO, temperature compensated crystal oscillator, in which, e.g., the output signal from a temperature sensor (e.g., a thermistor) is used to generate a correction voltage that is applied to a variable reactance(e.g., a varactor) in the crystal network.

The reactance variations compensate for the crystal's f vs. T characteristic. Analog TCXOs can provide about a 20X improvement over the crystal's f vs. T variation.


  • Tight Stability over Temperature
  • Through-Hole Package(1)
  • Indirect Compensation
  • Low Phase noise
  • Gull Wing(2)
  • HCMOS / TTL Compatible
  • Clipped Sinewave(Option)
  • Surface Mounted(3)
  • Miniature, Low profile
  • Low Package Height
  • Sinewave output Signal
  • Footprint Option(4PAD, 6PAD)


  • Telecommunications Mobile/Cellular & cordless phones, pagers /portable radio
  • Telephone & pager Aviation
  • Marine Navigation Instrumentation
  • Computers
  • Digital systems
  • CRT displays
  • Cable TV systems
  • CB & amateur radio
  • GPS

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ITEM Products Frequency Range
TX Series TX1 1~140MHz
TX2 45~130MHz
TX3 55~130MHz
TX4 128KHz~160MHz
Mobile Communication TX1A 10MHz
TX1B 10MHz
Satellite Communication TX3-100 100MHz
TX3-125 125MHz