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L/C Filter

& Diplexer & Multiplexer
RTx technology

leading supplier of RF & Microwave Products

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L/C Filter & Duplexer & Multiplexer

RTx Technology provides LC products for 1MHz - 3GHz frequencies and we can design it customized for customer specific requirements.


  • Temperature Compensated
  • Small and Light
  • Low Insertion Loss


  • TRS (Trunked Radio System
  • PCS Base Station Repeater System
  • WLL (Wireless LAN)
  • UMTS Base Station
  • WiMax, Wi-bro System
  • Co-located CDMA/GSM Repeater

Part Numbering

REF *** B*** L** A***
1. RTx LC Filter 2. Center Frequency
3. Band
4. I.L 5. Attenuation