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Designed for high power linear applications such as repeaters and base station transmitter systems, this amplifier utilizes the latest power devices that provide high gain, wide dynamic range, and excellent linearity. Exceptional performance, long term reliablilty, and high efficiency are achieved by advanced RF matching circuits and combining techniques, built in high quality power supply, custom-machined housings, and qualified components. Typical features include power and VSWR monitoring ports, trip circuits which shut down power when either over output power level or load VSWR, over/reverse voltage protection, and temperature compensation circuit. Each unit undergoes extensive burn-in prior to final test and inspection. Roswin's cost-effective HPAs will suit your most demanding requirements and have quick turnaround in production. So the products you need are ready when you need them.


  • From 300MHz to 10GHz Available
  • Gain :40dB ~ 55dB
  • Output Power : 30dBm ~ 50dBm
  • ETSI Compliant
  • Low Cost, High Efficiency and High Reliability
  • Digital Attenuator & Auto Level Control(Optional)


  • Tetra, TRS, GSM, Cellular, DCS
  • Point to Point / Point to Multipoint
  • Satellite System

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